Why tags are shown on webpages?

Chong-ho (Alex) Yu, Ph.D., MCSE, CNE


I created a HTML/CDML page that draw value lists from the database. However, instead of showing nicely formatted radio buttons, pull down menus, and checkboxes, the webpage shows the tags such as the following. Why?


Probably when you open the page in a Web browser, you skip "default.html" and open "search.html" or "new.html" directly. When a webpage draws value lists from a database, the layout and format information must be included, as shown in the following:

The link in the default page provides this information and thus when a user enters all other pages through the default page, he can see the properly formatted pages. If you want to insert a link to some webpages which use value lists, you should include the format and layout information in the link.

One major advantage of this set up is that even if an unauthorized user finds the URL, he will not be able to search your database or do anything when he did not enter the website through the home page.


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