Printing Problem

Alex Yu, Ph.D., 2001

Problem: I added and configured a network printer to my Windows NT computer. But I am unable to print. I have followed the steps recommended by the troubleshooting wizard but yielded no result.

Solution: There are many possible reasons that a computer fails to print. But given that the permission is set properly and the connection between the computer and the printer is established, it is possible that the print spooler is set to on and the printing priority is too slow. As a result, the output is like "Mr. Godot"--You keep waiting but it seems he will never come. To remediate this problem:

Problem: I can print from Windows 95. But it takes a long time to print graphics.

Solution: The default RAM configuration for printer in Windows is 2-3 meg. Your printer may have much more RAM than that. To improve the printer performance:

Problem: I can connect to the network. But there are many domains and servers. I don't where the printer is.

Solution: If your printers are HP, you can install HP JetAdmin . With HP JetAdmin, all printers are shown in HP_Network_Printers under Network Neighborhood. It would be easier for you to locate the right printer. Second, with HP JetAdmin, your computer can directly output a print job to a printer without going through the server. It could ease the burden of a busy server. You can either download the lastest version of HP JetAdmin from HP website, or use the one from Windows 95. To install the latter:



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