Unable to access a shared folder or
disk volume over a network

Alex Yu, Ph.D., 2001

Problem: A folder or a volume of my computer is shared and access rights have been granted to my coworker using the security tab in properties, but she still cannot open the shared folder/volume.

Solution 1: By default the administrative share of a disk volume is turned on. When the default is on, only the administrator can access the volume remotely, and thus all other access rights granted to non-administrative users are denied. To rectify the situation, simply select the share tab in properties and turn off the administrative share.



Solution 2: "OK, the administrative share is off, but access is still denied! The error message is 'Incorrect password or unknown username for such and such volume.' That user is definitely on the security list and get the proper access rights. She keeps entering the ID and the password, but the same error message recurs." Calm down! Probably it is because she is not in the same domain as yours, and thus when she attenpts to login your computer, which recognizes your domain only, it cannot locate her user account at all. In this case, she must specify the domain name at the login.





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