Uninstall Windows NT

Alex Yu, Ph.D., 2001

Problem 1: The old server will be retired and used as a workstation. I want to replace NT Server with Windows 95 on that machine. But DOS FDISK fails to delete the NTFS partition. I also try the NT setup disk but still fails.

Problem 2: I configured my PC as a dual boot machine--Windows NT and Windows 95. I followed the procedures mentioned in the Microsoft manual to deinstall NT. I used a DOS boot disk and type sys c:. Then Windows 95 can no longer start up.

Solution 1: Use the NT setup disk to delete NTFS partitions is tricky. Pay attention to the following tricks:

Solution 2: Removing Windows NT in a DOS partition seems to be very straight-forward:

The tricky part is the last step. Different Windows system may be installed and configured differently. Some Windows systems run without DOS files and some do. And the DOS versions may vary from computer to computer. My advice is: Do not use a DOS boot disk to issue the "sys" command at all. Rather you should use a system disk made by Windows 95. To create a system disk in Windows 95, simply right click the floppy disk icon and select format, then select both format and copy system files.



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