In Hamline University my research interests are centered around Chinese contemporary problems such as Chinese mass media, Chinese concepts of ethics and human rights, as well as philosophy of art, especially aesthetics of photography. The following are some examples of my research papers and reflection essays. After reading the abstract, you may click the title to view the full text

Chinese Media Representation of America after the June 4 Crackdown


  • Problem: After the June 4 crackdown in Beijing, the United States imposed sanctions against China. How did the Chinese media in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong perceive the American's reaction?

  • Goal: The purpose of this paper is not only to describe those perspectives, but also to infer the nature and underlying premises of the three media based upon their coverage of this topic.

  • Findings:
    • It was found that the approach of People's Republic media was based upon a flexible foreign policy that aims at minimizing international tensions,
    • whereas Taiwan media were overwhelmed by their perception that America was a protector.
    • On the other hand, Hong Kong magazine Ninety reflects the lack of identities and ideologies among Hong kong people.

Chinese Culture in Americans' Eyes


  • Myth: Quite a few Chinese scholars optimistically asserted that the materialistic Western culture is falling and Westerners admire the spiritual and moral aspects of the Chinese culture.

  • Reality: Many American scholars such as Peter Drucker, Luican Pye, and Michael Oksenberg did not rate the value of the Chinese culture high.

Chinese Ethics and Universal Human Rights


  • Problem: The Chinese government is opposed to universal human rights by adopting an evolutionist model and an absolute sovereignty theory. In the Chinese government's view, the alleged human rights violation became an excuse for Western interference against Chinese internal affairs.

  • Goal: Many Western scholars deny any seed of human rights within the Chinese tradition. In this paper I review classic Chinese philosophical writings to challenge the preceding notion

  • Findings: Traditional Chinese ethical system has elements that are both compatible and incompatible with the concept of human rights.

    • Compatible:
      • Universality of morality
      • Relativity of sovereignty and law
    • Incompatible:
      • "Naming as doing"
      • Double standards
      • Collectivism

Aesthetics of Photography

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