Temporary Files in Scratch Disks

Chong Ho Yu





My computer crashed abruptly when I was working on PhotoShop documents. After I restarted the computer, PhotoShop disallowed me to do anything. The error message was "the scratch disk is full." What is the problem and what should I do?




Usually image files are very large, and thus PhotoShop uses the default startup hard disk for virtual memory or paging files when the RAM is full. In PhotoShop we calls this Scratch Disk. A user can specify which hard disks are used for scratch disks (see the following figure). Paging files in scratch disks are temporary. When you close PhotoShop normally, these files are deleted. 

However, please notice the message at the bottom of the following dialog box: "Scratch disks will remain in use until you quit PhotoShop." If the computer crashes and PhotoShop is closed abnormally, those large temporary files will stay in the hard drive. Unless you delete them manually, you will not be able to use any resource-intensive work with PhotoShop. 

To overcome this problem, search for files with this pattern: ps~*.tmp, erase them and empty the trash can. Then PhotoShop will have sufficient scratch disk space again.




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