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My equipment

Chong Ho Yu's camera
  • Camera:
    • 35mm SLR: Nikon D800
    • Mirrorless: Sony A7, Sony A7II
    • Compact: Olympus T-4

  • Lenses: Tamron 28-300mm, Tamrom 70-300 mm, Sigma 15-30mm, Tamrom 28-70mm, Sony 28-70mm, Sony 16-35mm, Rokinon 12mm
Chong Ho Yu's Photography
  • Storage::
    Two SeaGate 5T, SeaGate 1.5T

  • Software:
    Adobe Photoshop, OnOne, Google Nik, Topaz Labs, StudioMagic, Anthropics PortraitPro, Focus Magic, Fisheye Hemi
Alex Yu photography

My hardware approach

  • Usually I carry all four cameras with different lenses. Reason: I don't need to change lenses, otherwise the sensor may be contaminated by dust or I might miss the Kodak moment.

  • I prefer mirrorless cameras to the 35mm SLR camera. The best camera is the one that is accessible. When I travel or hike to a remote area with a heavy camera and a big lense, I would lose all my emergy before reaching the destination.



My software approach

In the past I did a lot of post-prcoessing, such as using HDR software. Today I try to get the desired result on the camera. For example, I found that very often turning on the dynamic range on the camera could yield a better result than merging photos by HDR. The photo on the left was taken in a single shot by utilizing dynamic range. 

Other tips


Blessed are those who are pessimistic. Always have a Plan B. Always back up. I bring multiple cameras, extra batteries, extra SD cards...etc. in all trips. I immediately copy the files to a portable hard drive after shooting. After post-processing I save the final images into two 5T hard drives. One of them is at home and the other is at my office. If you put both copies in the same location, one disaster might wipe out both. How about cloud storage? In the past I subscribed an "unlimited" backup service, but later I found that there is a limit.