LocationBemidji, Minnesota
EquipmentNikon 50 mm and Fog filter
Technique Diagonal composition--The model occupies the lower right side of the picture. It generates an implied diagonal line to balance the composition

Complementary hues--(red and green).

Sandwitch two slides--This type of sandwitch effect works best with a white model, who has a blode hair and lighter skin tone, otherwise two overlapping images will become too dark. Also, the model should show her shoulder otherwise the clothing would "intrude" the overall tone of the picture.

Title Meditating  2
Location Bemidji, Minnesota
Date 1988
EquipmentNikon 50 mm and soft focus filter
Technique Usually a greenish face is undesirable in a portrait. In this picture the skin tone of the model is adjusted towards green in order to blend with the background for a monochromatic harmony.


Title Irish girl
Location Tempe, Arizona
Date 1998
EquipmentNikon 50mm

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