Indoor Photos Without a Flash

Dr. Alex Yu

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According to common sense, we should use a flash for indoor photos. It is not necessarily true. Look at the following two photos (because I didn't get a consent of release from the people in the pictures, the following illustration is presented with blurred faces.):

Example 1

The picture on the left was taken with a flash. Although the exposure was correct, the flash light created two undesirable effects:

On the contrary, the photo on the right was taken without a flash. I used a relatively high speed file (ISO 400) and a fast shutter speed. As a result, the picture looks much nicer due to the absence of the above two negative effects.

Example 2

There is one more example. Look at the two pictures below:

In addition to the dark background and white light, there was one more unwanted effect in the left photo: The window reflected the flash and made a very distracting white spot in the picture. Again, the right photo taken without a flash does not have this problem.


When you take indoor pictures,



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