While you are taking pictures:
Recording exposure data

A few years ago in a photography workshop, the instructor frankly said that the exposure information such as f-stop and shutter speed given by some photographers were just made up. Actually you can record the exact exposure info by using a data back attached to a camera body. But if you cannot afford this expensive solution, I recommend you using a notecorder as shown on the left. A notecorder is a simpler version of a mini-recorder. Unlike a regular recorder, a notecorder doesn't tape sound in a continuous manner. Rather it records many discrete short messages. In playback mode, one message is played when the play button is pressed. Originally this was designed for instant note-taking such as recording direction or grocery list. I found it suitable for recording exposure information. First, it is very compact. You can hang it around your neck. Second, the message block is short enough for me to say "Frame one, ISO 200, f-2.8, Shutter speed is 1/125, polarlizer..." You can pick up a notecorder at any electronic store.



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