Printing PostScript files

by Dr. Alex Yu

"I would like to send a draft of my paper to my friend in Oklahoma through the net, but I want to retain all the fonts, styles, and graphics. What should I do?"

In this case you may output your file in either PostScript (PS) or Portable Document format (PDF), which are both developed by Adobe. And then you can upload the file to your friend's server, or send it to him as an email message in MIME format.

Let's talk about PS file first. A PS file is platform and application independent. You can create a PS file by using the Utility software of your PostScript printer. The file can be printed anywhere provided that the other end also uses a PostScript printer.

To print a PS file from a PC:

1. Go to DOS prompt.

2. Type print file-name, then press Enter.

3. At the prompt "Name of list device," type lpt1, then press Enter.

To print a PS file from a Mac:

1. Open HP LaserJet Utilities from the folder Utilities

2. Open Download File... from File.

3. When the dialog box pops up, select the PS file to be print, then click OK.

If a PS printer utility is not available, you may use an alternate procedure as follows:

1. Load the PS file into MS Word for Mac. Word will ask you whether the file is either a TEXT file or an EPS file. Choose TEXT.

2. The document will look like garbage. Nevertheless, use the Command-A key combination to select the entire document.

3. In the upper left corner of the menu, choose the Style called PostScript. The whole document will turn bold.

4. Print the file and Word will do the translation.