Visualizing Collinearity, Variance Inflation Factor, and Orthogonalization in Subject Space


Date: 1998-2005

Co-developers: Dr. Chong Ho Yu, Dr. Sandy Andrews, Dr. David Winograd, Natalie Schrodeder

Software: Director, Strata Instant Replay, Media 100, Photoshop

Media: Interactive animation

Description: Collinearity is commonly overlooked by many statistics students. Collinearity diagnostics such as variation inflation factor and tolerance index are too abstract for intermediate statistics learners to comprehend. To alleviate this problem, we developed a multimedia program to visually illustrate how a regression model collapses when the predictors are both mathematically and logically inter-related, as well as how the variance is artificially inflated by a complex model. The program also show how centering scores can overcome collinearity in a regression model with an interaction term.


It is free to download the program for teaching or research purposes. The file size is large. Please download it via a T1 line, a T3 line or a cable modem:



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