Multimedia Projects



QuickTime movie is one of the multimedia types I used. Please pay attention to the following instructions for viewing QuickTime movies:
  • If you use a PC that does not include QuickTime plug-in, please download Quicktime now.
  • Some movies are played right on the page (in-line playing) but some movies require downloading.
  • Some browsers may show a blank page at the first time of opening a movie. Simply close the pop-up window, reopen it may solve the problem.
  • You can play the downloaded movie one frame at one time by pushing the lower right button. This slow-motion can let you examine the details of the movie.
  • If you have a newer browser, you can press the play button to play whatever has been downloaded while the rest of the movie is still being streamed.



A multimedia introduction to Item Response Theory

Visualizing the Concepts of Degrees of Freedom in terms of Sample Size and Dimensionality

Visualizing Collinearity, VIF, and Orthogonalization in Subject Space

Factor Analysis in HyperSpace

Visualization of Interaction Effects in Multiple Regression

Power Simulation

Computer Skills Assessment

Introduction to Networks

Statistical Advisor

Hyper Statistics


Other Technology-based Instruction Resources

Use and effectiveness of navigational aids in hypertext

A critical view to technology-based instruction

The psychology of technological change



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