Statistical Advisor


Software: MacSmart Professional

Media: Text, Graphics

Description: This program is an expert system for advising proper use of statistical procedures and graphicsd. Users are prompted for a series of questions. A recommended methodology with the SAS syntax is displayed after the program analyzed the input from users. You can view an animated demo of the program (The movie is silent).



To download and run the program:

  • Download the binhex (hqx) file of the sea extracting archive (sea). Your browser should convert it back to the original state. If not, please use Stuffit Expander.
  • Click on the icon Stat Advisor.
  • Click the mouse to bypass the copyright screen.
  • Choose Run Advisor from the pull down menu Logic.
  • Answer the prompted questions.
  • Click on the eye icon to view more info.
  • Press Rerun if neccessary.



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