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Education and Training

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a concentration on Measurement, Statistics, and Methodological Studies, have backgrounds in instructional psychology and technology, cross-cultural studies, philosophy, fine arts, mass communication, photography and computer programming.

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Work Experience

Management Research Analyst, specializing in statistical analysis, network administration, and webpage development; researcher in the fields of statistical education, instructional technology and human relations.

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Multimedia Projects

Examples of applications of multimedia to statistical instruction such as QuickTime animation and lisp programs.

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Computer Imaging Portfolio

I started computer imaging in Amiga and later moved to Macintosh.

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Photography and Electronic Retouching Album

Special visual effects of my photos were created on the lenses and retouched in Photoshop. Also, essays on aesthetics and psychology of photography are available.

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Painting Gallery

I applied various media in my visual arts such as oil, acrylic, water color, pencil, and ink. Although later I switched to photography and eventually computer imaging. My training in conventional media helped me to develop a taste of aesthetics.

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Teaching Experience

Teaching classes on networking and assessment. Online course materials are available. Also, I taught Sunday School in a Chinese church.

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Academic Publications, Presentations, and Research

My research interests include the following topics:

  • Statistical computing and data visualization
  • Applications of computer mediated communications and internet
  • Applications of multimedia to instruction
  • Philosophical and historical aspects of research methodology
  • Cognitive and motivational aspects of learning
  • Cross-cultural studies

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Chinese Articles

I am a columnist and a freelancer of several Chinese media.

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My strength in computing is centered around statistical programming, database programming, multimedia development, and network management. The following sections carry various computing tips.

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Internet Projects

I help to develop both Internet and Intranet Websites:

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