Date: 1991

Co-developer: Dr. John Behrens, Dr. Barbara Green

Software: HyperCard

Media: Interactive simulation

Description: Statistics is considered a dry and difficult subject by many students. In attempt to resolve this problem, this program was written to provide a graphical and interactive environment for beginning statistics learners. The content is based upon the text written by Dr. Larry Toothaker. The program has a built-in tracking function to monitor the use of hypertext by users.

To download and run the program:

  • Download the binhex (hqx) file of the sea extracting archive (sea). Your browser should convert it back to the original state. If not, please use Stuffit Expander.
  • Make sure your Mac has HyperCard Player or HyperCard.
  • Click on the icon Chapter 1 to begin.
  • Each chapters are standalone and does not link to each other. Please start each stack individually.



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