Arctic Circle
Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora: Northern Light


Fairbanks, Alaska

 Folded Ribbon

Fairbanks, Alaska


November 2017

Fairbanks, Alaska

This set of aurora photos was taken at the Arctic Circle, which is an imaginary circular line encompassing the North Pole. In this area sunrise and sunset do not follow the regular schedule of winter solstice and summer solstice, meaning that in summer you can see the sun at night and in winter the sun disappears in the morning. When our team arrived at the Arctic Circle in November, the total daylight lasted less than four hours only. Nonetheless, darkness is good for viewing aurora. There is only one way to the Arctic Circle from Fairbanks, Alaska: the Dalton Highway. This highway was built between 1974 and 77 for commercial purposes only. In 1981 a portion of the highway was open for public access and in 1994 the entire highway was open. However, there are no medical facilities, banks, grocery stores, or cell phone services along the highway. You must be very well-prepared to travel to the Arctic Circle. In November the temperature could be as low as -30 degree (F). If you get stuck in the area, you know the consequence. In my opinions it is worth the risk because when you get closer to the North Pole, the chance of seeing an aurora is much higher. There are different forms of aurora. The one shown in these photos is called the folded ribbon.

Photos taken by Alex Yu



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