Chocolate Falls, Arizona








Chocolate falls is a hidden treasure in Arizona. It is not promoted for tourism; there is no paved road to the place and no facilities are provided there. The muddy falls, which is inside the Navajo Reservation, is about one-hour driving time away from Flagstaff. It is dry all the time except in March and April. Our exploration encountered many challenges and accidents. First, although I reserved a SUV, it was sold out and as a result the rent car company gave us a mini-van instead. But when the 2-wheel-drive minivan was stuck in sand, it was unable to escape. Fortunately, a good Samaritan who drove a 4X4 pulled us out. Later, I put my tripod mounted with a camera on sand. After felling down due to insufficient support, the camera ceased to working. Nevertheless, I always bring three cameras to any photo trip.

Chong Ho Yu, April 2008


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