Burned Edge Effect in Adobe PhotoShop
and Metacreations Painter


Chong Ho Yu, Ph.D.


Copyright ©

You can create a burned edge effect in both PhotoShop and Painter. It is easier to do it in Painter because the effect is built-in. In addition, in PhotoShop you cannot apply this effect to every image. The cyan channel of the picture should be dropped first before the burned edge effect is applied (see Sepia effect). But Painter can impose this effect on any picture.

  Procedure in PhotoShop 
  • Use the Lasso tool to select an irregular edge around the picture.
  • Apply Inverse from Selection.
  • Apply Feather from Selection. Set the feather pixel to 3-4.
  • Delete the selection. The picture should look like the one on the right.

  • Select Inverse from Selection again.
  • Select a brown color.
  • Select Stroke from Edit. In the Stroke options. Choose Color Burn as the mode, Outside as the location, and set pixels to 3.

The finished product should look like the picture on the right.

  Procedure in Painter
  Select Burn from plug-in floaters. The icon of the burned edge effect looks like a pirate map.

  Press apply to see all options in the burn plug-in as shown on the right.

  The semi-finished product should be resemble to the picture on the right.

  Use the lasso tool to cut around the edge. Compare this one with its PhotoShop counterpart. Which version do you like better?




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