History and

Philosophy of Science

by Chong Ho Yu


Book Review

Longitude : The true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time

Where the sea breaks its back; the epic story of a pioneer naturalist and the discovery of Alaska

Undaunted courage : Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the opening of the American West

Articles on Philosophy of Science

Can Absence of Evidence be treated as Evidence of Absence? An Analysis of Stenger's Argument against the Existence of God

Limitations and Prospects of Skyrmsian Evolutionary Game Theory in the Perspectives of Genotype-Phenotype Mapping and Evolutionary Psychology

Biology, Philosophy of Science, and Statistics in Fisherian and Pearsonian Schools

Inference to the Best Explanation and Dembski-Significance Testing Approach (Password protected)

Advance in Monte Carlo Simulations and Robustness Study and their Implications for the dispute in Philosophy of Mathematics

Meanings of inference in inference to the best explanation (Work in progress)

Balkanization and unification of probability

Misconceived relationships between logical positivism and quantitative research

Abduction, Deduction, and Induction: Their applications in quantitative methods

A philosophical investigation of causal interpretation in structural equation models

Assumptions and interventions of probabilistic causal models

Theological conflicts between Galileo and the Catholic Church and their implications for modern disciplines

The impact of the transition from the geocentric universe to the heliocentric universe on the European culture

The scientific significance of experimentation, observation, idealization, and thought experiments

Testability of the Intelligent Design argument in the perspective of quantitative methodology

Philosophical assumptions in the discussion of irreducible complexity, naturalism, demarcation criterion, probability, law, and adequate explanation

Evaluation of the free will defense in the perspective of philosophy of science (password protected)

Philosophical issues of factor analysis (password protected)

  Defending linearity and simplicity in the perspective of history of science  
  Causation in quantitative research methodologies from Pearson to Glymour  
  Is automated data mining an emerging paradigm that can supersede hypothesis testing? (password protected)  

Articles on other topics

  Evaluation of Nussbaum's cosmopolitanism and world citizenship in the context of cultural and economic globalization  
  Critique of World on Fire: How exporting free market democracy breeds ethnic hatred and global instability by Amy Chua  
  Compatibility between evolutionary biology and classical natural law theory in the terms of distinct kinds and rationality  
  Interpretations and misinterpretations of classical skepticism in Western Intellectual Tradition  

Playing God, God of the Gaps and passive euthanasia

Hate the sin but love the sinner: The controversy of the point of no return

Affirmative action

Rethinking the Dworkinian forward-looking approach: Is Affirmative Action compatible with fairness?

What is a delicate balance? (Work in progress)

Applications of John Austin's speech-act theory to Chinese and American contexts

Chinese ethics and universal human rights

Ethical issues of product placement and manipulation

Aesthetics of photography: Combining the viewer's and the artist's standpoints

The triple alliance among art, ethics and politics: A tension between universal communicability and fleeting political views




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